Look How Far She's Come...

Look How Far She's Come...
11.20.09 3 lbs. 3 oz. 16 in.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Surgery Update

Surgery went very well! Her belly is tiny now! Even though the surgery went well, everything else was a mess. The hospital was so full and she has to be in the PICU because of the ventilator. Well the PICU had no beds available. So she was stuck in the PACU (recovery area) overnight, which not only sucked for her, but for us too. The PICU has seperate rooms, but the PACU is just one big open area. No privacy- just curtains, crying, screaming kids coming out of surgery, noisy, cramped, no t.v., etc. It was awful. She was in a lot of pain and was on morphine until yesterday afternoon. She got a fever during the night on Wed, but luckily went away by yesterday morning. Since she wasn't actually up in the PICU (but was being seen by the PICU doctors since that's where she SHOULD have been) it was like pulling teeth to get any answers. She was doing better by early afternoon yesterday and was eating and switched to Roxicet for pain instead of morphine. But they still made the decision to keep her another night without even talking to her surgeon. He is the one that should make all the decisions. So we finally got to talk to him at about 6 last night and he said that he was going to keep her until this morning, but because of our sitution (being stuck in the PACU) he would let her leave last night. So the good news is that we are home!!She is still in alot of pain and is kind of in and out of it from the pain meds. She didn't sleep well last night, which means neither did I! I washed her up and Nana came to visit which always makes things better! She is very stiff and her belly is a little bruised. But we finally got a couple of smiles out of her! It will probably be at least a few more days until she is back to normal.

Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers, we really appreciate it! I will add some pictures later!

Monday, April 11, 2011

T minus 2 days!

I can't believe it is almost time for another surgery! Like the past 2 times I am freaking out for the few days before! I get so anxious, nervous, overwhelmed, etc. Right now I should probably be packing, but I am blogging instead haha! I KNOW that everything will go fine. I have complete faith in her surgeon. We are so lucky to have him because he is awesome. Like last time I am more worried about how she is going to be post-surgery. Last time I was not even allowed to move away from the side of her crib without her crying. She didn't even want daddy (poor Tom!) she only wanted me and I couldn't even pick her up until the next morning. She was definitely alert and knew what was going on and probably will be even more so this time. It is really hard to keep a 1 year old entertained while laying in a hospital crib! We are going to be staying overnight again the night before like last time. Yay for another mini vacation :) We won't know what time we have to be there until tomorrow sometime, but I will keep everyone updated. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers on Wed!!