Look How Far She's Come...

Look How Far She's Come...
11.20.09 3 lbs. 3 oz. 16 in.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

4th O surgery!

To make a long story short, Fiona's 4th (and final!) O surgery went great! Her amazing surgeon was able to get full muscle closure! She was only in the hospital over night again this time. She was up and walking the next day, which we thought was amazing! She sure is a little trooper!

This is from a couple days after her surgery.

And this one was to show how much has changed in a year! 9-21-10 was the night before her 1st surgery. And 9-21-11 was about 3 weeks after her 4th surgery. It is amazing to look back at how HUGE it was!

Her scar is healing up nicely and some day we will discuss giving her a belly button. Tom thinks we should leave her without one because it will give her good stories to tell, like that she was abducted by aliens, hahaha!


  1. That belly looks INCREDIBLE! So happy that Fiona's last O surgery is behind you. And Harps got a bellybutton but as she's growing, its stretching out and looking more like an elongated scar so I think we'll stick with the alien abduction too :)

  2. I followed Fiona's story pretty much from the beginning because you're on the same birth board on babycenter. Her little tummy looks amazing! She is quite an amazing little girl! I wish you all less stress this holiday season.